The Sweetheart Milkshake {Lactose Free}

A treat too good not to share.

I constantly stalk the Black Tap‘s Instagram page to see what new creations they have dreamed up. The burgers & fries they post look amazing, but what really catches my attention is their outrageous milkshakes. Seeing their crazy shakes inspired me to make my own version for Valentine’s Day. 

This is a fun, indulgent treat to share with a sweetheart…or like me, with your best friend. 

Here’s My Notes:

1)Yes, I may have went a little overboard with topping this milkshake with a slice of cake, but I think this shake will be just as insane piled high with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and cute heart sprinkles. 

2)I did a cookie rim to decorate my glass like the Black Tap does. I covered the top of the glass with store bought chocolate frosting, then packed on finely crushed red velvet Oreos. Tip: red velvet Oreos are amazing frozen! 😉

3)I made this milkshake lactose free, but feel free to use regular ice-cream and milk.

4)Adding a few red velvet Oreos in the milkshake would be delicious.

The Sweetheart Shake

Yields: 1 large shake; 2 servings


4 (1/2 cup) scoops of lactose free vanilla ice-cream

1/4 cup store bought hot fudge sauce 

1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk 

Warmed hot fudge, whipped cream, cute heart sprinkles, & any other topping your heart desires😍


Blend together the ice-cream, hot fudge, and almond milk on high speed in a blender (I used my Vitamix) until smooth. Pour into prepared glass. Finish with toppings and…

💘Enjoy ! 💘

Check out my other milkshake recipe:

The Most Insane Milkshakes 

I used this red velvet cake recipe to decorate the milkshake.


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